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Book. "Vampire High" read online
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#12 in Supernaturals
#27 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 103 pages

Publication: 06.11.2022 — 24.11.2022

Description of book "Vampire High"

She's half human and half vampire, but she didn't know about it. She only knows that she's a pure human.

He's a half-vampire and a half Elementalist with a blood of a werewolf. He can't control his power, he can't control his expression.

Clementine Leullie Konzet is the woman given the opportunity to enter Vampire High. The woman was given the opportunity to meet the extraordinary students of Vampire High.

National Vampire high is held during the full moon every year to celebrate the school anniversary of Vampire High, it is where the student of Vampire High needs to participate for them to establish their own strength.

Welcome to Vampire High, where the extraordinary creature is studying.


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Palos Verdes
24.11.2022, 13:50:29

Looks intriguing!! Will start reading soon ;)

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