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Burning Heart


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THANKS FOR TAKING A LOOK AT MY PROFILE , ENJOY READING ! follow me on Instagram @beauty_of_damsel


My giant husband (2 stories)


My Giant Husband

Burning Heart

A 20 year old girl was forcefully married to a 29 year old gangster who doesn't know anything except bloodshot and anger.. Will she be able to change him or he will make her a living body?! Join the beautiful journey of Aria and Jakob ... more info

Story about: love and arrange marriage, love between a gangster and girl

Complete 93 pages
41040 1004

Rating: 224

#1191 in Romance
#539 in Billionaires


My Giant Boyfriend

Burning Heart

Aria n Jakob are back ... But with a twist in story. What will happen when a sweet kind Girl will bounce with a cold blooded gangster.. Will she be able to change him or he will break her to such extent that she will plead for death. ... more info

Story about: erotic romance, romance with billonaire, romance with gangster

Complete 57 pages
15243 395

Rating: 104

#1604 in Romance
#700 in Billionaires

MEET MY SOUL (2 stories)



Burning Heart

Rico was an ordinary chubby Girl making up with number of jobs until she mistakenly gagged alexander's attention who was greedily ready to Make her his.. But will she surrender herself to a mafia demon like him? READ ON SECOND PART OF STORY : MEET MY SOUL ... more info

Story about: mafia boss, erotic romance, possesive billionaire

Complete 145 pages
137544 2193

Rating: 372

#284 in Erotic
#26 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy


Meet My Soul

Burning Heart

'Why are you doing this?!' She muttered in heavy breaths... Gasping her hand, He pulled her harshly on feet with hurt and fire in his eyes.. 'Because you betrayed me!' ... How will Hazel survive from the clutches of rover who is burning in the rage of broken heart Read on to know! ... more info

Story about: forced marriage, love betrayal and mafia love

On Hold: 20 Jul 229 pages
29811 537

Rating: 102

#1083 in Romance
#165 in Romantic suspense
#396 in Erotic
#39 in Erotic/Sexual Fantasy

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