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The Alphas (1 stories)


Saving The Alpha


He's infamously known as the sadistic, merciless, blood thirsty Alpha of the Western and Southern packs. Given the title at such a young age he only understood four things in life. Pride. Power. Dominance. And his favorite of all... Revenge. She's no one special. She knew that much. Just an o... more info

Story about: romance, love and hate, werewolf alpha and mate

On Hold: 14 Jul 20 pages
174 46

Rating: 7

#2104 in Fantasy
#865 in Romantic fantasy
#746 in Mystery
#422 in Supernaturals

Books outside of any series


Through Ivory Bridge


Vivian Moores is aware she's no one special, and she's more than okay with that. The eyes of society brought trouble anyways, and her life was hard enough. With five siblings to look after, no parents, a full time job, and school she lived a busy yet quiet life. But when you save some one ... more info

Story about: suicide, love and pain, romance comedy

On Hold: 01 Jun 11 pages
115 9

Rating: 1

#4830 in Romance
#626 in Young adult


Insatiable Bloodlust


One word is all it takes for a woman to drown. One word is all it takes for a woman to be hung. One word is all it takes for a woman to be burned at the stake, and that word happens to be- "Witch!! A witch!!" Yes. Witch. Couldn't have said it better myself. In a world where woman were peren... more info

Story about: romance, mythical creatures, vampires and witch

On Hold: 23 Mar 35 pages
213 15

Rating: 2

#750 in Mystery
#424 in Supernaturals
#2119 in Fantasy
#876 in Romantic fantasy

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