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Hello my ladies and handsome gentleman. Do follow and support my work P.S Author is on Hiatus. The rest of the on going books are on Hold for some months. So bear with me. I will come back soon.


Dark Romance Book (2 stories)


Billionaires Madness |complete|

Marwa M

'Having you is my madness' Dylan. 'Making you mine is craziness' Hunter. What will happen when two mad and crazy billionaires wanted only one girl who want nothing from them. One who broke her dignity and other who kept on sucking her soul. Will she be able free herself from this nightmare... more info

Story about: romance, crazy, madness

Complete 189 pages
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Rating: 590

#126 in Romance
#66 in Billionaires


Monstrous Love

Marwa M

DARK ROMANCE. "The day your name collided with mine was the day you became Hunter Knight's property. Either you like it or not but you belong to me." A known demonic beast once again decided to cage an innocent soul in his den. But this time it isn't a desire. But a deadly obsession. An ... more info

Story about: forced love and obsession, mafia leader and revenge, possessive and cruel

On Hold: 02 Jan 31 pages
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Rating: 112

#31 in Mystery
#401 in Romance
#102 in Contemporary Romance

Master Series (2 stories)


Yes, Master

Marwa M

"Your heart. Your soul. Your body. You. Your everything belongs to me and I can do whatever the fuck I want. Try to push me again with this hand I will do worst than just breaking it. " Valerie Have no idea of her last name. She was born in an orphanage. Grown up there but with only one tho... more info

Story about: cruel, mistress, master

Complete 267 pages
201091 3200

Rating: 752

#58 in Erotic
#147 in Romance
#77 in Billionaires

2.29 USD

No, Master

Marwa M

He stared at his emotionless flower before guiding two fingers under her chin forcing her to look up in his dark blue eyes. "I am asking you again fiore. Say what I want to hear?" He mumbled carssing her ice cold lips even her body was shivering because of all the torture he gave her a while ago ... more info

Story about: hatetolove, regret and redemption, possessive and dark

Complete 200 pages
31222 878

Rating: 304

#133 in Erotic
#83 in Romantic erotica
#375 in Romance
#195 in Billionaires

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