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I Believe in FIRM, FIERCE and FEISTY FEMALE Characters And My Male Leads only BOWS before THEIR WOMEN........


The Ensnared Donna Series (2 stories)


Ensnared Donna

Nicole Snyder

He caged me but he was the one who got Ensnared. " PLEASE DON'T LET ME GO!!" I widened my eyes hearing him mumble. CARLO ROMANO VINCENZO,, THE DON!!!! Is on his knees? Bending in front of me? Caressing his hairs, I wrapped my arms around his neck. SHIT!!!! I'm in MAJOR TRO... more info

Story about: a don in love, erotica and possession, dark romance and romantic suspense

Complete 139 pages
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Rating: 99

#45 in Erotic
#32 in Romantic erotica
#4 in Thrillers & Suspense
#3 in Suspense


Ensnared Donna 2

Nicole Snyder

" You will be Mrs CARLO ROMANO VINCENZO and live a life of misery Luna Willows." Carlo said holding my jawline in a tight grip as he claimed my lips with his in a rough possessive kiss. I sighed at the fact of these powerful men wanting to marry me all of a sudden. So much for me wanting to... more info

Story about: mafialove, love triangle revenge misunderstanding, suspense and dark romance

Ongoing: 13 Aug 56 pages
4407 199

Rating: 41

#2 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Suspense
#23 in Erotic
#17 in Romantic erotica

The Serpent Regina series (1 stories)


The Serpent Regina (book 1)

Nicole Snyder

" All hail Queen NAYANTARA " " All hail King NICKOLAS " She was the queen of The Serpents. He was the King of The Werewolves. They were each other's BIGGEST ENEMIES. Cherry On Top, THEY WERE MATES!!!!!! A SAGA OF LOVE , REVENGE AND OBSESSION UNFOLDS....... ... more info

Story about: love and obsession, serpent queen and werewolve king, romantic fantasy and revenge

Complete 58 pages
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Rating: 19

#24 in Mystery
#8 in Supernaturals
#50 in Fantasy
#20 in Romantic fantasy

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