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I hope you like my story. But, since I am new to writing there are still a lot of room for me to improvise. I hope you will help me by commenting some suggestion. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS BOOK



A boon that turned out to be a bane


Adrien Slaughter is just starting as a detective in clear water, Florida. As he is investigating a lot more cases, he finds some unexplainable things happening around him. He also comes to know that his family have a long history of hunting those unexplainable things. After a few days at work, he ha... more info

Story about: werewolf and human love, supernaturals

Complete 56 pages
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Rating: 8

#4410 in Romance
#403 in Paranormal Romance
#547 in Mystery
#300 in Supernaturals


Don't Fall, Let's Rise In Love


Prajan and Arav, the rulers of the music industry popularly known as THE DUO enjoy their newly acquired lime light. But all of a sudden, Prajan finds himself in a situation where he loose everything from his relationship to his best friend Arav and his career. Just when he thought he has nothing to ... more info

Story about: music, celebrity crush childhood friend

Complete 35 pages
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Rating: 6

#5407 in Romance
#745 in Romantic suspense

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