First Chapter

He woke up without any problems but woke up on a chair. I think he fell asleep on the couch. Motionless he sat for two hours remembering who he was. The book fell off the shelf and climbed back. After a long thought, he realized that he had amnesia. But how could he earn such a disease?

He was looking for his phone, but he couldn't find it. Only 23 minutes later he found him in the pocket of a dirty sweater. The charge was very small, but he had enough to know his name. Now he's Baire bill. His forehead was wrinkled, and he was a little gray. Now life seemed to him a terrible dream. That'S What it was. Baire got a green-blue serum.

-Crushed intestines of the lominetian.    

               Baire Bill remembered everything. He made two throats. His head was spinning and his legs were on. Soon they got sick and hands. And the main thing is that the pain moved symmetrically and smoothly through the body of Baer.

               He woke up and saw several young surgeons. They just finished the operation. An old colleague approached him.

-How do you feel, sir?

-Excellent, everything went well?

-Yes, except that you did not immediately realize who you are. You're here, Steve Mahelton, and there's Baire bill.

The professor reached a circle.

-Let's help. Can you move?

-Of course, but a bit sore back.

Steve got up from the operating table, about the dressing gown and sneaker.

-Come something to drink!

-You know, I'm not feeling right now.

-Sorry. This is a temporary effect, you will soon pass and there will be no trace!

-I am glad, but I wanted to know what is there with others.

- Let’s go.

Steve Mahelton entered the room with capsules, inside which the demon was movable people. Their faces were filled with previously unknown emotions.

-You know, I'm already 67, and you're only 23.

- True, -proudly said Steve, -continue.

-You have surpassed your age in these 2 years! I worked all my life in this area, but I never managed to open the serum.

-I understand you, John.

-Then tell me, what is your success?


-You practiced very little, but achieved success-after these words on the body of Steve was a slight shiver. His robe was covered with sweat, and he was wrinkled.

After a few seconds of silence, he replied:

-Not always success depends on practice.

-No, not true...

-The truth, -has cut Steve.

-Well, then I will not bother you.


               Now John Nimson was not a pleasant person-always had to chat not on business with this chump, cutting him off the topic, but he stood on his own.

-Do you tell me the truth?

-Maybe enough already?! -In the voice of Mahelton felt anger and nostalgia.

-Sorry, colleague. What are you doing? Are you bored?

Yes! Remember those times when you weren't that many?

-If I annoy you, just tell me.

-I have already told you. You are welcome.

He went into the capsule room. John closed the door. The first scoreboard of capsule number 2 showed the value above the norm.

"It’s time for you, buddy, to leave yourself," thought Steve angrily.

               Mahelton typed the numbers on the keyboard of the neighboring capsule, the last was "2". He took off his clothes, he went into the capsule. His last words in this world were:

-You'll understand without me.

               Steve Mahelton fell asleep. After a moment he woke up. Rather, it was not him, but a man from the capsule "2". The capsule immediately opened and from there came out the Mark in the body of Steve Mahelton. "Steve" dressed and went down the hall, not noticing his true body. John, standing at the entrance, threw:

-You're fast, Steve.


Yes. Nimson said with suspicion, "Do you have amnesia again?

               Mark pondered--"Maybe I'm really amnesia. Although I have not been sick before. Stop, if I'm really amnesia, I probably don't remember it. I tell him I forgot myself "

-Buddy, I've forgotten who I am and who you are!

- That's how! Now "Buddy", a couple of minutes ago I was an annoying person to you!

-I am not yet in the subject, bro. Let's forget it.

-Okay, what about your speech, Steve?

-I do not know, let's drink 50?

-Okay, but you said that...

-I told you to forget the chatter I was scratching there.

-I'm sorry, I forgot.


-Okay, you're just not yourself.

-And the truth. How much do I have there?

-What are you talking about?

-Well, greens...


-Do not you talk here in people like that.

-Let's go.

               Two people moved behind the corner.

-Do you want to know your capital, Steve?

-Che that like that.

-Well, you have almost a billion...

-So, then I treat you.

-Are you, all right?

-In full.

-You should not drink.

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