A Sister's Search


War has ravaged the planet. This was not a war between countries, but a war with an unknown invader. The Invaders knew how dependent we had become on electricity, fossil fuels, oil, and natural gas to run our daily lives. They said they were doing us a favor. We were slowly killing our plant with the power stations we built and the amount of fossil fuels, oil, and natural gas we consumed. The Invaders could not stand by and watch the planet die. We did not need electricity, fossil fuels, oil, or nature gas to survive. These resources made our lives easier but were not a necessity. The Invaders wanted to remind us of that fact.

They destroyed many power stations. Three Gorges Dam in China was the first power station to be attacked. When Three Gorges Dam was destroyed the Yangtze River returned to its natural state. Many natives and tourists lost their lives as the water rushed from behind the dam back into the river. At first the attack was thought to be terrorism. But no terrorist group came out to declare victory over the attack. That was when the Invaders made their presence known. Their leader, a man named Dorian, announced that he organized the attack. He also promised there would be many more attacks to come.

Within two years the Invaders destroyed all the largest power stations in China, Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, Canada, The United States, Russia, South Korea, and Ukraine. After that, is was only a matter of time before smaller power stations and power plants began to fall. As the world lost its power it also lost the ability to make fresh water, make modern weapons, refine fossil fuels, process natural gas, make modern medicines, and lost many forms of transportation. The Invaders were sending us back to the Dark Ages.

Many brave men and women tried to fight back. The invaders were hard to find because they looked like us. They live among us as friends, neighbors, co-workers, and teachers. The war lasted 5 years. When the war ended more than half the world’s population died from starvation, dehydration, or disease. Those that survived did so by living off the land. They started farms and ranches. Some created herbal gardens to make medicines and ointments. Others dug wells to reach fresh water. Trade and barter became the main currency.

Michelle McGrath

Edited: 01.06.2019

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