Awful Issues

1- Slap

Have you ever held sand in your hand and watched it slip out of your grasp like all those fortunes and possessions you were so proud of?

A profound feeling of treasuring this infatuation; an allure for gold whose brightness blind you that you can never see the morning glory again.


"You are my moon." A smile crept on little Garnet's lips when she heard it.

"And Eri?" She asked with her green eyes inherited from her mother glimmer with innocence.

"She is all those stars in the sky. She is little, so her light is dim, that's why you have to give your light to her so that she never fade away. Protect and love her till your last breath, okay?" Her mother said softly patting her head. She was just 12 years old as her one year old sister learned how to walk. Due to genetic problems, Mr and Mrs Beth couldn't have another child and they are deeply rejoiced to adopt another child after a decade.

Garnet loved her little sister; Erica.

The night her parents left the kids in care of their Aunt; Lenny Gord's care.

They were waiting impatiently for their parents to come back but they never did as their image flashed to her mind,

"You are a cursed child."

Garnet woke up immediately, panting heavily from the nightmare. Sweat rolled from her forehead as her mind but clouded with bitter thoughts and cruel actuality that she is not in these arms of safe-shelter now, rather in an orphanage. She put her hand over her chest and ran her other hand in her hairs to calm her vexation. Tears blurred her vision as she took a glass of water and got out from her bed and walked towards the bed in front of her; where her sister was sleeping peacefully. A silent tear rolled from the corner of her eye as she ran her hand in Erica's hairs and kissed her forehead.

"I'll protect you, no matter what." She whispered to herself and stood up.

She sat on her bed again and drifted to sleep to get ready for tomorrow.

The next day, it was her birthday, it was the time for her to leave the orphanage, she has completed her graduation, she has turned 23. She was amazed that the orphanage still agreed to have her. But, the answer was simple, Erica cannot live without Garnet. For the sake of the 12 years old kid who grew without even recognizing who her parents are. They both grew up here, they'll miss her. She'll miss it. Since she is not settled enough to take a kid with her, she needs to be stable enough to provide food and shelter to both of them, before then, she cannot take her away with her.

"I'll take you back soon Eri, okay?" She asked Erica.

"Come soon." The timid girl replied.

"I promise." She kissed her forehead and pulled away.

"Nut! Before you go, I want to give you a present." Erica said innocent with her eyes the same as her sister gistenting. Her looks are the same as her, average height, raven hairs and emerald eyes.

"Really? What is it?" Garnet asked excitedly.

"Happy Birthday!" She chirped while giving her a pencil adorn with fluff. Garnet's eyes widened in awe because she knew that Erica made this herself. A sad smile formed on her lips as she held her urge to cry inside her. Garnet engulfed Erica in a hug and kissed her head.

"Oh, Thank you so much, Eri. I loved it!" She beamed and wiped the tear pricked in the corner of her eyes. Erica hugged her back and they remained like that as if they were not letting go of each other.

Finally they pulled away, even though they didn't cry because they know if one of them tears spill out, the other will cry too. They remained strong for each other and pulled away slowly, for their sake other people also remained silent. Garnet stood up and hugged others one by one and bid her farewell to them.

After giving a final kiss on Erica's forehead, she finally turned her back upon them as the tears she was holding so far rolled down her cheeks. Her lips began to quiver as she didn't utter a sound and didn't dare to turn. She lifted her hand in the air and did her signature action of showing how much she meant to her; pointing to the sky, telling Erica that Garnet is the moon and she is stars and no one can part them.

She walked out of the orphanage and went to the place she is staying; her friend's; Lesley. They are friends from the orphanage, Lesley left after turning 18. They were quite close. They are staying together in her place. They first set Garnet's stuff in the guest room and ordered themselves a pizza.

They are sitting in the hall. Garnet was lying on the sofa while Garnet was flipping through the channels on the TV while eating.

"Hey, Garnet, Don't you think we can share this apartment? I mean we can call Erica here too. It's big enough." She said casually.

"No.. I don't want to bother you and besides I want to buy a place with my money." She said.

"I see.. But, you are welcomed here anytime." Lesley said running her hands in her raven hairs while her raven eyes are getting heavy from boredom. After a moment of silence, she suddenly jerked up and began to shout in enthusiasm.

"Whose ghost possessed you?" asked Garnet with her gaze fixed on TV.

"Come let's go to the club." She said dragging her away with her,

"Wha- Why? I don't know what to do. I am missing Erica a lot." She said sadly.

"Oh, come on girl. Just what harm one night gonna cause? Let's just forget your worries. We can celebrate your first drink there."

"My first drink?" Garnet asked with a raised eyebrow and an atrocious smirk,

".... In a while." Lesley corrected herself. Garnet sighed knowing it's impossible to argue with her. She stood up and tried to reason,

"I don't have anything to wear."

"You can wear mine." She said and dragged her to her room. She took out a well-fitted green dress adorn with sequin for her and gave Garnet an above knee backless black frock. Garnet wore gladiator shoes with it since she can't handle heels and Lesley wore pumps. They both let their hair let loose as they went.

Failia Baighaan

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