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Graduation Day with Poetry Flare

38. One From The Land

As they sat at the tent, waiting for a certain person to arrive, it took longer than this proud and beautiful man had expected... He walked outside; he looked down a path where he could see the person everybody was waiting for sitting down. It looked like he was sitting near a Lake.

His eyesight was just that good at this far distance. So he started walking down the path. It was wide enough. Yes; plenty of space. The sequoia trees still seem to inch back to make way for him. Yes; as he continued to walk towards the man, even the King of the jungles, the lions started getting their hair cut to offer him their mane.

As he walked up towards the man, he was able to see there were alligators near the edge of the Lake. Oh, the man comfortably sitting down was not in fear or anything of that nature. He was using a stick to play with the little alligator children.  As the traveler proceeded to get closer, the alligators seem to say, "Oh, oh, and then they disappeared into the lake leaving their children with the man sitting down.

The little babies continued to play with the man. Now the visitor walked up and stood before him while the man kept playing with the alligator's children.

He said, "Why aren't you at the tent?" "What are you doing?" "You're in the big leagues. Now."
The man just chuckled, and kept playing with the alligator's offspring.

Then the visitor said it again.
"What are you doing?"
"We're waiting for you to do this."
"And we need you to do that."

And so the man chuckled again.

He said, "look, you're in the big leagues now."

So the man stop playing with the baby alligators.
And he looked up at him, and spoke, "Oh  kind sir;  Do you know when was the first time I was told that?  I was first told that when I was nine years old."
 If you ever run into an old soul, how about showing some love and good feelings towards them today.
It may seem subjective at times; however, in the land it may be just so.

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Story about: poetry, humor, school and friendships

Edited: 08.07.2021

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