His Deadly Touch

Chapter 01

Everything in the book is imaginary and main purpose of the story is to entertain you all. The book and all its characters and events mentioned in the book, are purely work of fiction. So, there is absolutely no intention to hurt any particular person or a group of person or any religion or any cultural and traditional activity or any ritual. And there is no promotion of any paranormal practice. The book may contain countable contents that may offend or disturb the readers so I ask sorry before starting the story and also you can complain through the comments. 








Luna :-

After completing the graduation and course of chartered accountant, Luna Vincent is searching for a job to work in. Her parents are no more and only her aunt (sister of father) raised her. Her aunt sent her Calgary to study for CA.

Well, just like her name, she is beautiful and attractive. Her face is as attractive as a moon where her gray eyes make it more beautiful. Her big eyes, big eyelashes and long, groomed, filled eyebrows make her looks smart and sharp, where her small sized lips and little chubby cheeks make her look cute and sweet. She looks more attractive because of her well defined waist that's narrower than both and medium height. 



Another same morning in Calgary but today she has to fly to Atlanta to meet her aunt. So without wasting more time, she gets up ready to leave for airport. 

After check-in, she sat on her seat and there she interacts with a woman. 

That woman first started to talk with Luna, so she also introduced herself and there she got to know her name Serene Thomas.

"Well, are you a model?" Serene asks Luna.

"No! But I'm searching for a job!" Luna tells her.

"Cool! I just guessed because of your beauty and body type!" Serene tells her while giving an unpleasant smile to Luna.

Luna felt something strange but still she speaks "Oh thanks! But I'm not a model!" while giving a forcible smile on her lips.

Serene also smiled again in that way and tells her that she's a model and she completed her 8 years in that profession and also that she works in Atlanta and she came to Calgary for meeting with her friends. 

Luna was little bit confused that she didn't even asked about it and Serene is telling like she knows Luna already very well but she doesn't wanted to make her feel disappointed so she answered her "Oh cool!" with a pure smile.

"So what about you?" Serene asks her.

"Ah,.. me!" Luna wasn't comfortable to tell her anything because of her behavior and also she was feeling something strange with her. 

"Yeah what?" Serene forces her to tell.

"I'm going back to Atlanta. I live with my aunt there!" Luna tells her.

Serene raised her eyebrows for Luna's answer and tells "Your eyes are really beautiful and also your skin is really smooth" while stroking her cheek. 

Luna again felt something strange and she moves her head little back so she can ignore her touch and speaks "Thank you Serene!".

Serene smiled unpleasantly again and while noticing Luna's behavior and takes and her hand back. She rolled her eyes towards the window and speaks "Anytime".

Luna felt relief that now she doesn't need to talk with her so she plugs the earphones and listens to the music with closed eyes.

Serene again turns towards her and saw her listening to music with closed eyes. She looks at her nails that were perfectly shaped and then she turned her eyes on her hands. Her hands were also looking so pretty and attractive but suddenly her left eye leaves a teardrop and in next moment she wiped it with handkerchief. She again looks at Luna and stroked her hairs. Luna wasn't aware of it because Serene's touch was so light to feel but exact that time Luna opened her eyes and Serene takes her hand back and closed her eyes, Luna didn't even feel that Serene was acting only and she selected another song. 

In flight, Serene left for washroom and came back in 30 minutes. And after an hour, a woman started to shout from the washroom on the air hostess. That woman disturbed all the passengers because of her loud shout and Luna also removed her earphones when she saw an air hostess going towards that lady. Then she looked at Serene who was sleeping on her seat and again watches that passenger.

She was complaining about washroom's condition and saying "What's this? This is how you clean your washroom? This is how you give services?" in anger. 

"But mam, we will clean it. It's must be a fault of any passenger because we give the best services!" air hostess tells her.

"I don't know anything, just clean it right now! I'm getting vomit!" passenger tells and then sits on her seat. 

Luna ignored this all but she listened to a passenger talking "How can a lady throw a bale of lossed hairs?" to her seat partner, where another lady was telling "You saw how much big it was? I mean I think that lady lossed her all hairs! Haha!!" while laughing and suddenly she started to cough. The lady beside her asked if she's okay and she nodded her head while coughing and next moment the situation turned to worse. She started to cough like a TB patient, that she wasn't even getting a second to take a breathe and in another moment she started to vomit blood.

The lady beside her gets off her seat and called the air hostess. Both air hostess helped that lady but she was not stopping to vomit. Her condition was getting worse and worse because of vomiting blood and coughing at the same time that even other side passengers get off their seats to check her except Serene. The air hostess told everyone to be calm as they will do emergency landing. 

Luna covered her mouth with her palms when she saw her condition like she is going to die now. Luna could see that passenger's seat was all stained because of blood. 

Heena Kundra

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