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                                        This is based off a true story i just used different names


I never belived in love. I always thought it was stupid. In every relationship it always ends. Either someone does something wrong or you just fall out of love.

Theres always the cheater,whos only the cheater because the person they loved cheated them. Then the lair who only lies because their scared to tell you the truth.

Then theres the person that leaves you for absaloutely no reason at all. You wonder for a while why they left ,you cry,you sob and you miss them. Then you finally realize why they left, you blame yourself and they only left because they didt want you to leave, they didt want to get hurt.

ive dated, ive talked. I ended two relationships and two relationships ended me. Well that is untill he came. He was right in front of me the whole time and i just didt look hard enough,



Enjoy this story and enjoy your life he could be right in front of you all along or... it could all just be a dream.


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