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Maybe it's her...


............The story is about a group of three friends. The story includes two guys and one girl.
The male main lead ,..........
Name: Danny
*The top student of the class. Basketball player and plays guitar.
The female main lead,...........
Name: Scarlet
*The most simple girl of the class. But is popular bcz of her friends. The girls of the class takes shit about her behind her back. A freaking idiot who have literally no clue about what the person in front have what kind of feelings for her . Loves her friends and can do anything to keep her friendship. 
*cute and kinda small looking.
The second main lead,...........
Name: Lucas
*Not very good at studies but loves and is very good at basketball. Literally every girl in the school is simping over him. Both for his looks and the fact that he is popular af.
Is good friends with Danny due to being in the same basketball team and both having same interests.

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Story about: drama, friendship, romace comedy

Edited: 14.06.2022

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