The Golden Bachelor

Chapter 1

After a long, stressful day, the last thing Samantha needed was overtime, but when it’s the big boss to have summoned you, you can’t quite say no, can you?

Hence, though reluctantly, once everybody had left, she stood up, straightened her dress, and, having grabbed her paperwork, she headed over to the CEO’s office, cursing herself for having forgotten to do laundry. Had she, now she wouldn’t have to spend who knows how many hours all alone in her boss’ office while wearing such a silly dress. She had to be so lucky, to be summoned right that day, huh? Sure, it wasn’t the first time she worked closely with the CEO, it was part of her job to collaborate with him quite often, but usually there was a whole team with her, it was never just the two of them. She was antsy. Being all alone with a man she barely knew, how couldn’t she be antsy? The fact that she felt so uncomfortable in her own skin only made it worse.

Within six months of work at the Grant Enterprises, Samantha had never been in close contact with the CEO; aside from her first day, she’d never even remained alone with him, and now, out of all days possible, right this one when she was so out of her depths, she had to catch up with all those missed occasions. Not that she cared much for people’s opinions, she barely even acknowledged anyone around her, unless it was to guard herself from them, but certainly showing up at a solo meeting with the CEO in those conditions wasn’t exactly appropriate, was it?

A little strapless red lace dress wasn’t appropriate for the office, imagine for doing overtime with the CEO, but it was the sole clean thing Samantha had left in her wardrobe, unless she wanted to go to work in sweats, so she had to make do. Hopefully he wouldn’t notice. The dress was an old gift, some classmates bought it for her 18th birthday, not considering it wasn’t her style; she’d never worn it, she didn’t even know why had she brought it to New York with her, and now she regretted wearing it. The sole fact that it was strapless was a nuisance, because it forced her to pull it up every now and then, as it was made for smaller cups, which she wasn’t blessed with. It barely reached her mid-thighs, therefore even though she had worn flat ankle boots, that stupid dress still showed too much of her skin. Already feeling her colleagues’ eyes on her had made Samantha not only self conscious, but also vulnerable, and she hated that kind of state.

Last thing I need is to stay up all night with Mr. Temptation Personified. Samantha thought once in front of his office. Her boss was even too handsome for her own good, she couldn’t deny she did feel some sort of attraction, but then, what woman didn’t? Lucas Grant was like a magnet to women, and given his reputation, he apparently didn’t mind one bit. Samantha loathed that type of man, the conceited kind that isn’t content with having a stable relationship but jumps from one bed to another. Her employer seemed to be the perfect prototype of such a subject.

He’d had a lot of flings, rumors had it, he’d even been with a couple of celebrities, the most recent gossip attributed him a flirt with no less than Laurel Herrera, one of the most famous and most loved actresses of the moment. Apparently, they’d been seen hanging out a couple of times, which had Samantha grimace, because she’d also seen him with some busty blonde at a few fundraising events, which only meant that he was indeed a player, and Samantha loathed players. Besides, he was a little too arrogant for her liking. Promising to herself to be quick, Samantha took a deep breath, and knocked on his door, utterly determined to get it over with as soon as possible.

On the other side of that door, the young billionaire sat at his desk, a little nervous, fidgeting more than usual, staring at the door. It hadn’t been a great idea, had it? But what choice did he have? The project was due in three days, and the draft was quite messy, he needed to work four eyes with her; that day had been so hellish, that he hadn’t found one minute to do that, so that left only overtime. But the idea of remaining completely alone with this particular employee made him nervous. She made him nervous.

Samantha Benedetti had been, for the past six months, though unknowingly, an ongoing torment for her employer. She’d been crowding his mind with those tantalizing curves of hers, he had no idea why, but he kept having dirty thoughts about her, he’d had so many fantasies about taking her against every surface possible that he felt he was going insane. What the hell had this woman on him? Why couldn’t he quit desiring her? Ever since they’d met she’d started messing with his thoughts, and after six months he hadn’t been able to find a solution. Well, in truth, there was a very simple answer, as his friend and deputy CEO had pointed out. Maybe, simply consuming his desire would rid him of it.

Lucas had considered that, but he observed a dutifully strict policy on mingling with employees: any woman that worked for him was off limits. It was already a huge exception that he’d had one or two not very decent moments with his own personal assistant, he couldn’t afford more. It could all go from enjoyable fraternizing to hellish lawsuit for harassment, and the company didn’t need such bad exposure.

He wanted her, though ... so bad. There was just something about Samantha Benedetti that drew him in, had him crave to touch her, taste her, kiss her ... Lucas shook his head violently in order to get rid of those indecent thoughts: she was an employee, and as such, she was off limits. Sighing, he dropped his head back against his chair, rubbing the bridge of his nose. How could one single woman grip his mind so tenaciously without even knowing was beyond him. She wasn’t even that gorgeous, was she? Yes, she was fairly pretty, but not the drop dead gorgeous type, she wasn’t ... say, a Laurel. Laurel was indeed gorgeous, and how couldn’t she be? She was a Hollywood star, yet she didn’t grip his mind as much as this Samantha Benedetti did. How was it possible? She was a pretty common type, the kind of beauty you’ve seen around so many times, yet there was something ... Lucas couldn’t quite wrap his head around it, but whatever that was, it drew him to her, pushed him to desire her, anywhere, anytime.

Artemis Wolf

Edited: 08.02.2021

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