The King's Curse


Hey my lovely readers..... 

I wanna like to welcome you here on the journey of Hope and The Werelwolf King.... 

I hope that you would like these characters and would enjoy there journey together....


Hope was a simple werewolf girl who is left alone in this brutal world....  She is from Red Moon  Pack were she is treated as a low class maid or an omega.... Since the day she learnt about ‘Her One and Only’ or MATE, she is waiting for him. He will be the one who will save her from this brutal world, the wereworld.

But she didn’t know what she was waiting for. Because her MATE will be more brutal werewolf than she has ever met. THE KING OF WEREWOLF himself who is CURSED. 


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Story about: werewolf king, cursed by witch, mate

Edited: 15.03.2021

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