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The lycan is my mate

Chapter One: I did not kill her!


"What do you say... I will live all my life without a mate" a voice thunders in the cold shivering night with the poking smell of blood which pollutes the air

There is a huge massacre, the soil was bathed with blood and dead bodies took all the space on the ground... it is such a brutal scene caused by the furious lycan

Dagon wendigo, the most powerful prince of the lycanthropes stands in his might his eyes red as blood ... he won't mind killing any being that stands on his way right now

His heart continue to rise and fall in anger, even though he has killed a whole lot of vampires and demons which could make up one or two pack, his rage is still not quenched. He is half shift, his wolf is trying to surface. No it surfaced, it is him who is trying to control it and he was able to do so cause he is a powerful lycan with the alpha blood

"I said no such thing " the voice of the beautiful moon goddess Artemis echo through the lonely night. Her beautiful golden eyes staring at Dagon with no stinge of fear

She is the only being that has stood in front of Dagon after his mate death and still lives, of course Dagon won't kill her.... She is one of the most powerful moon goddess, not only that but he needs her to bring back his mate

"You killed your mate Dagon, don't blame it on anyone" the goddess add and that got Dagon more furious

He clench his fist as his paw claw out cutting through his flesh without him feeling the pain. The ragging pain in his heart won't allow him feel any other pain from any part of his body,

He is also a lycan with an alpha blood so such mere cut is nothing to him

He regrets the day he allowed her to attend the festival by herself, if only he knows that the demons will be there. Since they couldn't kill him they decide to kill his mate and that is as well killing him, He won't stop blaming himself and feeling guilty and the moon goddess trying to make it obvious hurts him the more, the pain is too much

He has been killing since yesterday that his mate died, he gone wild feral, nothing could stop him... he needs his mate back and only the moon goddess can bring her back and that is why he is able to keep his patience and batter words with her

"I did not kill her!" His voice hollers with a lot of gravity which causes the rumble of the wind for a second but Artemis didn't flinch a bit. She sits firm in her chariot, the wind blowing her hair backward reveling her stunning face... She is a warrior her self as she is known as the moon goddess of hunt

"She died out of your carelessness and for that you will stay for years without a mate... that's your punishment" the moon goddess voiced echoed in his head

"You will do no such thing, bring my mate back to life" he snap his eyes glistening bloodshot

The moon goddess chuckle slightly and said "We are done here Dagon Wendigo"

"Your mate will be reborn after some years but as a human without the mate bond and if you try forcing the truth on her, it will bring a disaster" she add, her voice full of mirthfulness as she disappear into the thin air

It looks like the moon goddess is trying to play with him, giving him a human mate is no difference of having no mate. They are the weakest creature ever and their life span is short... This is indeed a great punishment

Several years later ....

Diane scurried inside the restaurant and attracted many attention to herself due to the way she slammed the door

She stop at her spot looking at the eyes starring at her as if she is weird, she puts on a nervous smile and cover her face with her hair striding towards her working position

"Hey you stop there" she bite her lower lip as she recognise the voice, today is not her lucky chance... She hopes she gets spared

"Good morning Miss Beatrice" she stutters with nervous smile

"Always late Diana, and mind you this is not morning but noon" Miss Beatrice voice doesn't sound friendly at all. Diana look down at her watch and it is twelve noon at the dot, she supposed to be here by ten in the morning

"Am sorry Miss Beatrice, I spent all night taking care of my aunt and I ..." She pause and scratch the tip of her nose

"Go on, complete your sentence... are you end up waking late right?" Beatrice sounded sarcastic, Diana gulp down as she nod her head praying silently in her heart, Miss Beatrice voice is laced with anger

"Well Diana, what if I do you a favor... here take this, I believe you will have all time to take care of your aunt" Diana quickly gasp in shock, she knows what's inside the envelope Miss Beatrice is handing over to her, it contains her salary and dismissal letter
Since it is not end of the month, Miss Beatrice is definitely firing her... That's how she does it, giving you an envelope and saying goodbye

"Please Miss Beatrice, am sorry... don't fire me, I promise to change" Diana pleads, already on her knees

"Am sorry Diana but I can't take this behavior of yours... You always promise to change but instead you get worse

This an organization if you don't know, and if I keep tolerating this insolent attitude of yours, this restaurant won't move to the next level and you might influence others with your behavior" Beatrice said without a turn in the heart

"Please Miss Beatrice, this job is my only source of income... If I loose it, I can't take care of my aunt again and it will be difficult finding another job since I didn't go to college" Diana is already is tears, she fears that this day might come and she is not ready to handle. She has a lot of responsibility and loosing a job in this difficult time in her family is not a good sign at all

"No matter how you plead, I won't give you a chance Diana. I've already tolerated you enough. I tried and I believe so. Your only problem is not coming to work late but you also sleep at duty and acts clumsy towards the customer .... I can't list your fault, there are too many of them

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Story about: love, betrayal, mystery

Edited: 27.10.2022

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