The Spirits' Guide


"Where are you?" The hairs on Owen’s arms raised at the shrieking growl.

He quickly placed a hand over his mouth and nose. He did not want it to find him. Unfortunately, his entire body began to shake with such ferocity that he rattled the clothed table he was hiding under.

Slamming his eyes shut, he prayed that the monster didn't hear it.


It lasted for what felt like hours but had to have only been about two minutes. Slowly, Owen opened his eyes.

Terror shot through his body, petrifying him.

The wide, cold silver eyes of the very creature he was hiding from was staring into his own gray, scared eyes.

The monster gave a happy shriek once it noticed Owen's fear, no doubt plastered onto his face in a horrified pale sheen.

He could only gape as the creature brought a death-gray hand, or what was left of one, to his cheek.

He didn't breathe as the monster lifted its left hand against his right cheek so the monster was holding his head in a firm grip.

Owen flinched as the creature began to sing an off-tune soliloquy. Its song turned gut retching as the pace quickened.

The creature began to sway, moving Owen's head along with it.

Suddenly, the song stopped. Owen tensed further as the monster turned its gaze to the left of the table.

When the monster gently lifted the white cloth, Owen caught a glimpse of an open door.

A door that was shut when the creature entered the room.

"Someone's here,” the creature murmured in the same sing-song voice as its smile grew.  It dashed out of the confines of the underside of the table.  The white cloth slowly fluttered back into place.

Owen did not know whether to be relieved or frightened further as silence resumed.

He knew it was stupid. He knew that it would be best to remain where he was in hopes that the other creature in the room did not even know there was a human in the room.  That it was stronger than the monster that already knew he was free prey.  His chances were better if he stayed under the table.

He ran out from under the table and raced with his heart to the open door.  He would have shouted if he had found his voice when the door was slammed shut by the creature. Owen could have screamed. He could have sobbed. He could have begged.

All he did was piss himself and shake as he stared into those silver eyes.

The creature tilted its head to the side as its gaze shifted away from Owen.

"They warned me of you." It growled in its screeching voice. Owen began to shake at the sound.  It sounded afraid.

This pale, deathly monster that could easily tear him to shreds with its dull, cracked and yellowed nails was terrified of what was standing behind him.

Owen’s imagination went full blast as he imagined a monster of degrading flesh and claws, the teeth dull and yellowed, perfect for ripping flesh from bone in the most painful way. The fingers with decaying nails that were cracked and ruined curling around his throat before they stained with dark crimson. The eyes... so cold that they could make any arctic storm feel like acid rain. Owen shuddered at the image.

"My reputation has grown then. Oh goodie,” a light voice, much unlike the gurgled groan he had thought would come from behind him, snarked at the monster in front of him. The creature seemed to consider the words before it gave a shrieked roar.

It slammed the door open and began to crawl-run out of the room. However, the creature was stopped by a strange man that stood in the doorway. The creature seemed stunned, maybe even shocked, to see the man.

The man gave a sly grin at the creature as he said, "I would go back in there, if I were you. Running from her just irritates her, and I wouldn't do that.”

The hairs on the back of Owen’s neck rose at the man's casual tone.

The pale beast gave another shrieking roar before it backed back into the room.

Owen jumped as he heard the sharp click of heels on the boarded floor of the basketball court they were in.  That’s right.  He was still in his school.  Still in the place he once believed could never get any worse than it already was.

High school was a nightmare but this was hell.  He was close to falling to his knees and praying to God to forgive him for whatever sin he had committed to deserve all of this.

His silent prayers were answered with the continued clicks of the female’s heels as she crossed the court.  Owen still couldn't see her, all he could know about where she was was when her shoes made contact with the cold floor. With every click, Owen's chest tightened and his blood roared louder in his ears.

He could feel the power she had. She was getting closer. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small black figure stand before the monster that terrorized him.

Now, the beast was cowering before the figure. Owen didn't dare twist his head to get a better view.  Something within him screamed to be as unnoticeable as possible, to make sure the two beings that scared the monster did not turn their attention to him.

Owen watched from the corner of his eye as the shadowed figure raised her arm, her hand which held a glowing item.  With a few inaudible words, threw the glowing item into the monster's chest.

The air around Owen shuddered as if it felt the power the dark figure had. With the last shudder, the pale dead-skinned creature fell to the floor with a ground shaking.

The air around him began to warm. He never noticed that the breaths he let out were clouds that thinned with every degree the air rose.


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