The True Beast

Chapter One

The midday sunrays glisten brightly over a pristine 15th century estate. Its lands are currently being maintained precariously by an extensive team of gardeners. A woman shakes her head in distain at one of the gardeners snipping the hedge. The woman’s attempt to correct the hedge trimmer was futile, her voice was drowned out by the sound of a leaf blower, but nonetheless the woman continues to holler at the gardener.

From a small distance away, another woman was tucked comfortably in her wheelchair, she chuckled at the scene. “There goes my sister, again,” she shakes her head in disbelief. Her companion nodded in response causing the giant leather beak to knock against the table.

The woman laughed at the clumsiness of her companion, and the masked figure immediately casts its head down in embarrassment. “Let’s just go and relieve my sister of her incompetence.” The companion stood at their full height, towering effortlessly at least 7 feet, its heavy woollen cloak covers the figure head to toe. It’s worn leather gloves wrap around the handles of the wheelchair and the two took off, to greet the now pink-faced woman who was still yelling at the gardener.

“Margie, tell this dumb man, I want my hedge trimmed correctly!” the woman exclaimed, her voice was hoarse. However, the younger woman in her wheelchair shakes her head.

“Firstly, he is not dumb.” Margery waved to her companion again, the cloaked figure approached the gardener, who immediately noticed the hulking figure approach him, its intimidating presence made him freeze. The creature turned its beak towards the women and the gardener understood the silent gesture and began to approach the two women.

“Secondly, you will be polite to him or your demands will not be met,” Margery responded calmly to her now silent sister. The gardener takes his earmuffs off, tucking them under his arms, then politely requested what he can do done for the two ladies in front of him.

The older woman pouted “Gardener!” the gardener turns to face the woman in response, “I want that hedge shaped into a heart,” she growled rudely and then turned away from the poor man, crossing her arms in defiance. The gardener immediately turned to Margery awaiting to gain permission to perform this task.

“Fred, I apologize for my sister’s behaviour,” Margery began, “thank you for all your hard work on this lovely hedge, we will not be wasting all of that and turning it into a giant heart.” Her sister immediately snaps her head at the woman, her blue eyes were unable to mask the anger of being rejected by her younger sister. The older woman growled something inappropriate under her breathe before trotting off, in an angry huff.

Once the commotion had sauntered off the premises, Margery dismissed the gardener, who was relieved to be able to return to his job without too much hassle. Yeena navigated Margery through the concrete garden paths, past the many gardeners who greeted Margery or froze in fear from the shadow that lumbers behind her. Neither Margery or Yeena had spoken and they both had slipped into their own thoughts which had been a welcome reprieve from the unnecessary confrontation earlier.

Upon reaching the end of the of the gardens was an ivy-cladded cottage which had nestled in a sea of orange lilies. A pale grey wolf, the size of a car and had made the delicate flowers his bed. His once grey tail was dusted in pollen from the excited twitches, giving it a whitish glow in the sunlight. The massive jaws were hung open and its thunderous snores was filling the atmosphere. Yeena and Margery continued their journey past this fearsome foe, unaffected that a humongous predator was on the grounds of this ancient estate.

The creature immediately took notice of the two humans who had entered into its territory and awoken to growl at the invaders. Big blood red eyes glare menacing at them. Both the humans paused their trek to observe the massive beast, neither one unnerved by its aggressive stance.

“Get changed Rene,” Margery gently requested, “you are supposed to be attending a charity event today.” Yet the wolf continued to growl, ruby orbs directed at Yeena. The tall humanoid did not back down and staring through the darkness of the hood, back at the wolf.

The two foes continued to stare at one another, until Margery interrupted by raising a delicate thin brow. The animal noticed and his demeanour immediately shifted. He snorted in contempt before stalking towards the back of the house, obeying her commands.

Hal Lee

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