The Untold Story

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The Secret Marriage

It was the last semester of Justin and Anna in their graduation. After being dating for four years, they were quite serious regarding their relationship. They decided to get married. But the story was not as simple as it seems. Anna who was going to be the future wife of Justin was planning to cheat him. There was no reason for a poor middle-class girl to reject a rich man. Justin was the only son of his parents who left him alone after a severe car accident. His parents left many properties and business companies which were owned by him and he was going to overtake all the business work after his graduation. 

On a regular college day, while they were at the canteen Justin asked Anna, "When would you take me to your parents' place? So that we could meet and talk about our relationship. We both are serious about it, right?"
"Yeah! yeah! sure, I'll take you soon don't worry. Agh! it's my class time, gotta leave. see you soon." After saying this hurriedly she left.

 Justin was already tolerating this ignorant attitude for long but wasn't pointing it out because he wanted to know what was the actual reason for anna's non-serious behavior regarding their relationship. 
Days passed-by and she kept on making excuses. Anna secretly got married to another guy Stephen. She loved him with all her heart. But what about Justin? Did he know that this was happening? No, he doesn't. Anna kept it a secret and silently left Justin's life. But before she left, she wrote a letter to Justin, which was received by Justin after she left.


I am terribly ashamed of what I did but still, I apologize. My parents wanted me to engage a guy Stephen. Whom I didn't know at the beginning but later on I fell in love with him. He gave me the love which I was searching for in you but couldn't find it, unfortunately. You say that you love me, but you actually don't. You always showed off your wealth and made me feel substandard. Well, I got married to Stephen a month ago and I'm very happy with him. I wanted to tell you about this before but couldn't have that much strength to face you that's why today I'm leaving this letter. Will suggest you, move on.



After reading this letter, Justin's ego got hurt so badly that he wanted to take revenge but couldn't because he didn't know where she was living currently. Whereas, Anna bravely told the bitter truth before leaving him. 

Nobody knew where was Anna. Justin also tried his best to find her but couldn't. Justin had non of other options except moving on. He married a rich girl Sofia who was meeting his standards. Soon they become a family of three. He had a lovely daughter named Jennifer.  
On the other hand, Anna and Stephen had a son named William. time passed and everyone thought that they had moved on. But nobody knew that it was the only first chapter of their life. A huge turning point was to come in their life from which they weren't aware of. 

Naheed AK

Edited: 19.09.2020

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