Weak? Not Anymore!

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Chapter 1 - Hopeless and Emptiness

There are 6 continent in the magical world of Cresepler. The continent of Baar, Secro, Lewdon, Marond, Croba and Troxx. Each of them have some powerful forces and legend has it that there's a protector in each city and the largest city of all the continent is the Stradons City in Baar.

Lots of birds are humming and no monsters can hear roaring. In a distance outside the Stradons City there's a tree in the middle of the forest called "The World Tree" because of its gigantic size and still there growing after a thousands of years ago. Under the world tree, there's one person who can't stand to see the beauty of the world.

Being bullied by others, insulting and abused makes Razy Di attempt to commit suicide, every time he wokes up, he's thinking of waysto commit suicide but ended up in failure or rather his scared to do it.

"Why?!Why is it always me who's weak and doesn't have any powers to compete, that even the tiny mouse can beat has to live in this cruel world!?"

"Why!? Please give me an answer! Seiga! ("Seiga" refers to the Legendary God Power Weilder who said to be the creator of this world)". 

Razy then again attempt to commit suicide, but as always ends up being failure. 

"Why? Tell me? I can't even take my own life?." 

He became rage and started throwing punches in the world tree until its hands bleeds and sprayed some blood on the world tree. After he calmed down, he layed down on the world trees roots that has hole in it and sleep. Razy didn't know that the world for him is about to change ones he wokes up.

Razy suddenly woke up by the shaking of the world tree.

"What is it!? Now you would even disturbed my sleep? Do I really deserve this kind of treatment?" *Sigh* 

Razy Immediately go out to see what's happening, 

"what's this!?" 

The sorrounding is on fire and in some distance he saw a hairy and leafy giant monster fighting with Six human like appearance but glowing. Each of them has different kinds of auras, White, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red and Brown. (That reminds him of the mythical story in the City, the "Legendary Heroes" ages ago, nobody knows if they are still out there living separately from the ordinary people). The monster has wings on its back and on its stomach, there's a leafy soft part that looks like very vulnerable to any normal attack but its inside the blue crystal. 

"That's strange? can people from our Stradons City fly?" 

Seing that there are 6 human-like figures flying and confronting the monster Razy Di becomes curious as to who's fighting the monster, he sneakily moved towards the fighting scenery. Then suddenly somethings coming towards him with great speed and scared the heck outta him.

"What's this!? Are they throwing pebble now?" 

Razy takes a closer look. 

"It wasn't a pebble! but a person!? Oh God! Can such a person survived that kind of fall!?" 

He checked on the person and got surprised that the person is still alive and just unconscious. One hour has passed and the fight is still going on, but Razy clearly see that both of them are exhausted. Even Razy Di know that the monster is standing for its last breath and not backing down, same goes for the other party whose clearly out of breath and just barely standing, the final move have made and both of the party's start to chant their last  move and from a thousands of miles away can see the light that shines like the sun.

After the shining light fades away all of them become unconscious except for Razy and the giant monster who's limbs are messed up and barely alive, the blue crystal thats covering the leafy soft part in the stomach of the monster seems to be broken. The monster stared at Razy Di with angry and hateful expression that it charges towards him. It can't run because of its teared leg, while moving towards Razy Di, Razy stop all of a sudden and think of his trash life and smile with bitterness on his face.

"Maybe, maybe this time i can kill my self" he said while smiling.

He picked up some stick and hold it tight.

 "Is this why you don't give me courage to kill my self? Because you want me to die being a hero? You're not that bad after all huh? Seiga?. I'll follow your lead!" 

Razy run with all its might towards the monster and pierced the stick through the leafy part of the monster.

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