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Tatiana Oleynik



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Tatiana Oleynik

When the Gods interfere in your life, troubles expected, but if they interfere in the circle of rebirth - there will be surprises. Such a "pleasant" surprise for me was to be reborn as the lynx, but what if this is only part of the trials, put me from above by the playing Gods?! Follow New chapte... more info

Story about: adventures, suffering, fa happy ending

On Hold: 31 Mar 27 pages
344 9

Rating: 11

#1579 in Fantasy
#636 in Romantic fantasy
#92 in Action & Adventures


She left, but promised to return

Tatiana Oleynik

She was alive and dead at the same time ... She was loved and betrayed ... She died, but was resurrected ... The elements of fire and the magic of death ... All this trouble went to a fragile girl who fell into the magical world. Follow... more info

Story about: adventures, magick, necromances

On Hold: 26 Mar 26 pages
283 13

Rating: 9

#1719 in Fantasy
#704 in Romantic fantasy
#115 in Epic fantasy

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