Small Town Hero (will be rewritten)


You've heard of vigilantes saving New York, or a hero coming to save the world...but what about the small towns? At least a county?? Despite what you might think, country neighborhoods have problems too..... ---- The little small town of Copperville is shocked at a sudden appearance of a guy in ... more info

Story about: comedy, small town, superhero

Complete 94 pages
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Rating: 7

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On Hold


Sth | Light It Up


(Sequel to Small Town Hero) ------ After the discovery of Ava Gardens location, Emerald and Cathode are sent to New York to contact her. What they don't know, is that others are on also on her trail, hunting her. ----- Ava Gardens has always known how to fend for herself. Ever since her mom lef... more info

Story about: humor, action and adventure, superhero

On Hold: 29 May 23 pages
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Rating: 2

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