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Colors of Life and Death (1 stories)


Colors of Life and Death

Wendy Winchester

Naruto is taken by Orochimaru and through gruesome torture, Naruto's chakra will begin to change into something only ever heard of...in legends.... more info

Story about: rainbow chakra, naruto, naruhina

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Rating: 12

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Bloodline of Atlantis (1 stories)


Bloodline of Atlantis: The Triple Psi

Wendy Winchester

Imagine you could move things with your mind. Imagine you could predict the future. Imagine you could heal wounds with just a touch. Now imagine that having all these powers at once means the people you love could die. Samantha Harris has foreseen death and she will stop it from happe... more info

Story about: romance, action scifi, geek culture

On Hold: 06 Dec 77 pages
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Rating: 9

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Tiny Pies

Wendy Winchester

Cas never imagined buying a simple gift for Dean would lead to something so wonderful.... more info

Story about: destiel, supernatural, love confession

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