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Over the Dotted Line

Jan Garnet

How far can one go for their family? For Coreen, she could do anything, including committing five years of her life to a stranger. Without batting an eyelash, she signed her name over the dotted line, married a man whose shadow she had not seen. Her husband on paper bolted out of the courthouse as ... more info

Story about: arranged marrige, billionaire

Complete 164 pages
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Rating: 204

#617 in Romance
#314 in Billionaires
#163 in Contemporary Romance


My Heart Remembers (a Night with the Celebrity 2)

Jan Garnet

Ellie woke up in a hospital after being in coma for almost a month. She had no memory and the only tie that binds her to her past is the child she carried. Beside her is a man said she is Miyaka, his wife. For sixteen years, she lived as Miyaka Tanaka, mother to her son Akio and a wife to Haruto. B... more info

Story about: second chance at love, reunion, marriage happy ending

Complete 103 pages
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Rating: 25

#1243 in Romance
#295 in Contemporary Romance