Announcement: The Guardian Devil

Author: S. Srivastava / Posted: 11.04.21, 20:48:11

Hello, my lovely readers. Finally my exams are over! So I will start writing the new chapters of THE GUARDIAN DEVIL real soon.

I really want to thank everyone who has supported me and waited for the new updates. I hope you will continue to love and support the book in the future too.

Love you!


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Author JK
25.04.2021, 14:55:03

Excuse me Author, you said that you are gonna update new chapters of The Guardian Devil but you have put that story on hold. Are you not gonna complete it???

Author JK
25.04.2021, 23:39:16

Pollyannish, Ohh!! Sure Author, we will co-operate, no worries! Thank you so much for telling this and good luck for the contest.

Athena Roy
12.04.2021, 17:58:12

thank you so much ...I am so so so excited for the updates.
love ya too.

Author JK
12.04.2021, 06:41:49

Really?!!....I am waiting eagerly ❤❤

farha farook
11.04.2021, 21:50:40

Thank u so much. Very excited to read ur story

Farzana Mulla
11.04.2021, 21:36:46

OMA!!!!! Thankyou soo much dear... I was waiting for the update ... Every sunday i just use to check is there my update or not , but now FINALLY there will be an update THANKYOUUUUUUU ....

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