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Мій любий читач, хоча я не знаю, хто ти — я щиро дякую тобі за увагу! Якщо в тебе є цікава історія або тобі подобаються мої — знайди мене тут: https://www.facebook.com/olga.burshtun. Завжди зрадію гостям і коментарям! До зустрічі!



Gods Of Egypt : Forbidden child

Айя Нея

Only a madman could challenge Ruah Kadim in all his mighty power. Only a damn, dare to seek protection under his deadly whips. Neferren was neither cursed nor crazy. By choosing to escape in the desert, she knew, that by tomorrow dawn, she will be dead. ... more info

Story about: gods of egypt, reincarnation, osiris myth

Ongoing: 06 Mar 10 pages
349 16 8

Rating: 13

#33 in Fantasy
#8 in Action fantasy
#21 in Mystery
#10 in Romantic mystery

On Hold


The Children of Danu

Айя Нея

Mysterious Dogheads near the desert. Enemy aircraft in the red skies. The children disappearing in the colonies. So what the government of Farsida hides from its citizens? And did the long-standing confrontation between Earth and Mars really ended...... more info

Story about: mars colonization, alien invasion, space mysteries

On Hold: 04 Mar 6 pages
167 3 4

Rating: 3

#6 in Science fiction
#38 in Fantasy
#9 in Action fantasy

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