My last wish is “you”


It's a story of a girl with a heart Disease who will soon gonna die if she doesn’t have a heart transplant!! She have fulfil all wish of her except one, and It's to fall in love!! Will she find her Love?? Will she have a happy ending?? ... more info

Story about: friendship, family, heart transplant

Ongoing: 08 Apr 10 pages
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Rating: 4

#1013 in Romance
#199 in Contemporary Romance
#64 in Contemporary fiction
#17 in Urban life


Sudden Marriage


A story Between Faraz Khan, A billionaire and Zafrine Ahmed, a billionaire's daughter "Sorry! But let me borrow this lip" Faraz said Before I could said anything he give me smooch kiss on my lips. I was surprised . Everyone claps get me out of my surprise. His lips was soft and sweet and it was... more info

Story about: married to stranger

Ongoing: 03 Apr 96 pages
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Rating: 143

#198 in Romance
#47 in Contemporary Romance
#123 in Billionaires

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