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A young woman who finds herself in a difficult situation due to the man she loves. She tries everything she could to save her marriage but what happens when she finds out that the one person she trusts with all her secrets turns out to be the cause of her problems? ... more info

Story about: werewolf, werewolfromance, power and mystery

Ongoing: 30 Nov 93 pages
2314 65

Rating: 16

#371 in Fantasy
#159 in Romantic fantasy


The Queen Who Ruled Her Way


"Ouch! You just bloody broke my nose." "Sorry I missed my shot, I was planning on breaking your face." __ Once upon a time, Lyssa Clay was a sweet and dutiful princess of Fantasia with the heart of gold, that was until hate, rage, and thirst for revenge darkened her soul and set her on a path... more info

Story about: historical, historical fantasy, queens and kings

Ongoing: 30 Nov 121 pages
1692 89

Rating: 8

#206 in Thrillers & Suspense
#32 in Action thriller
#1969 in Romance
#51 in Historical Romance


The Journey Of Life


This is a book filled with heart warming Poems, amazing quotes and inspiration... more info

Story about: quotes___thoughts____etc, poemcollection, idiom

Complete 15 pages
1649 148

Rating: 15

#519 in Others
#120 in Poetry
#173 in Non-fiction


A Bookworm?


Jada Gatlin; a young scholar and a bookworm who is set to start her life again after the tragic accident that caused her parents death meets with sudden obstacles on her way but then she came to meet an arrogant, mean and ignorant young man; Cody Meadows who happens to be a billionaire What do you... more info

Story about: bookworm, love and hate, betrayel

Complete 97 pages
3699 177

Rating: 28

#3723 in Romance
#438 in Thrillers & Suspense


The Billionaire's Secret Love


Jay King was a well known billionaire in England. He was arrogant, rude, emotionless, egotistic and doesn't believe in love but his taught began to change when he spilled his hot coffee on a Canadian red hair girl who turned out to be his next personal assistant. For how long can Jay handle his fee... more info

Story about: love hate relationship

Complete 102 pages
55210 1051

Rating: 125

#853 in Romance
#417 in Billionaires

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