The Bratty Heiress * Romcom❤️❤️❤️ chapter 10,11,12

Author: Cassandra Davy (lovelivelust) / Posted: 23.05.20, 16:02:55

Woahhh....three chapters updates! ❤️ Click on the link here to read The Bratty Heiress don't forget to add the book and click on the ⭐ button :))

Read chapter 10 where bullets were shots and Olga was dangerously mad at the bad guys.

And chapter 11 where Olga gets her action on :)) lol!

Then let's finish off with chapter 12 where the nerd gets intimate with her the best way a pervert knows best. Virtually.


Luka: Yeah's all about the angle...

Olga: Luka, seriously... you're such a nerd. But you're my pervert nerd.






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