Author: B. Lois / Posted: 17.12.18, 21:30:13

Hiey friends, 

When I started writing Gesiye, I was thinking of telling a story about the evolution of the woman and feminist ideas over three generations. I thought of telling stories about the must unremarkable women standing up for themselves in their own world, matching against the many injustice done against them. A story with no sides. sort of.

Rape victims, Teenage Pregnancy, single mothers and bastard children have all had front row seats when dealing with shame amongs other things.

The way the world responds to these subjects have changed greatly and this book is sort of a mirror that measures just how much the world has really changed. For though stories are fun to read, I believe they are a record of our existence too. 

This is my first novel and it's been a thrilling experience from page one. 

Oh don't worry, it's not dispair all round. I've kept the story as lively and enticing. Very lively if I must say so. 

I always like to hear your feedback, so stay in touch.


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