Crisis moment

Author: Babs / Posted: 05.02.19, 14:37:57

m1828.gifI had a bit of a crisis moment yesterday, whilst I was trying out Anv Soft Banner Maker, when I tried to either save or view the banner I had created it deleted everything on my desktop, suddenly all my work was gonet2314.gif. Thankfully I have been able to rescue all of my content from my backup drive and iCloud, the only things which seem to be missing was the trilogy, but I remembered I had given book one in PDF form to my proofreader and majority of book two was in the bin on iCloud, but it is missing the ending, which is not a great loss as I’m sure it will come back to me when I have gone through it.

I cannot believe a program straight from Apples own App Store could have done so much damage. It has made me think about making sure my laptop is backed up more and I am considering making sure there are copies of the books in the Documents folder, that way I know I will always have a back up of them. I am also so pleased I set PDF’s of the most resent short stories, Dampa, Misty mountain secret and The Battle Against Day Walkers to my editor and proofreader, all I will need to do is redo their corrections, which is not a big deal. I am just so relieved it could have been far worse.


1471349990_787.gifHappy Chinese New Year.


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