How to become more popular on Booknet?

Author: Keira / Posted: 18.04.19, 18:25:45

Booknet differs from other literary platforms. Therefore, the promotion methods that are used on other platforms may not work here. So we tried to write down several tips on how to become more popular on Booknet. 

We will give you several recommendations on the best ways of publishing your stories and managing your activities on Booknet. We will also try to explain why these recommendations are important. For those of you who are a bit lazy to read all the explanations, please read the conclusions immediately at the bottom.


1. Small and irregular updates of your stories are ineffective. Why?

 - Your story appears in the widget "Recently Updated" either during its first publication or after an update of approximately 3,500 words. More regular updates, more readers!

- Each reader who has the book in their personal library on Booknet receives a notification about the story update by the next several thousands of words. In fact, the notification is sent when the overall text added after the last notification exceeds 20,000 characters.

- Many readers like reading stories in parts and eagerly wait for updates.

Don't forget that Booknet has an option of delayed publishing to make your life easier.


2.  Readers prefer bigger stories to smaller ones.

 - We attract new readers by advertising. New readers usually look for complete and big stories. If the reader sees a small ongoing story, she is more likely to ignore this story. 

- Booknet moderators regularly check which books can be promoted. Promotion of small stories is usually not effective.


3. Book covers are important. Even a wonderfully written story will lose its potential readers if it has an unremarkable cover. Also, keep in mind that readers may browse Booknet on their mobile devices. So the titles on the covers have to be big and readable enough. Don't forget about the copyrights on the pictures you use.


4. You probably have already noticed the "Follow" button on the author's page. Readers and followers are essential for the success on Booknet. It is a mistake when an author publishes only one book on Booknet, does not pay attention to own author's page and to the number of followers, doesn't answer on comments, and doesn't write blogs. 


5. When the reader starts following the author, he or she receives not only notifications about new stories, but also about new blog posts. So, you can use Booknet blogs as a social network to communicate with your readers. 


6. A story that has been added to libraries by many readers is more likely to be in the widget "You might also like" on the Library page. Therefore, you should try to invite your readers from other websites or your social networks to read your story, and suggest that they add your book to their libraries and follow you.


7. Be patient. Patience is Key to Your Success. Don't expect to become the top author in the first weeks, but strive for it by doing regular updates, improving your writing, learning from others, talking with your readers. ANd don't give up. All this and a tiny drop of luck will make you very popular.


8. Take advantage of the momentum. If you start publishing a new book, make sure ALL your followers on Booknet and anywhere else come to read your new book and follow the updates. It will give it the necessary initial boost that will push your books to the top of Booknet. And don't slow down the updates. It's much better to smaller updates every second day than huge ones but weekly. Unfortunately, even the greatest books can stay unnoticed because authors don't try to promote their books and reach out to readers.


Here are the tips again:

1. Make regular and big enough updates of your stories.

2. Keep in mind that readers prefer to read longer stories.

3. Pay attention to a story cover. Try to make it beautiful and readable.

4. Be active and engage with readers.

5. Use blogs on Booknet to communicate with your readers.

6. Persuade readers to add your stories to their personal libraries.

7. Don't give up. 

8. Take advantage of the momentum.



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Chauna-lea Tricia Mikien 01.03.2021, 21:36:50

This was some great advice! I'm kind of new and still learning. I return all follows & messages. Plus, I'm just beginning to put out my stories. I have 3 on Booknet now & plan to upload the rest.

ARK EXODUS 01.03.2021, 21:06:24


Thatdesigaaal 22.01.2021, 21:58:27

Hey.. It's helpful. Can u tell me how to open a blog on booknet as I can't find it:(

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The last comment in the thread:

Izabella Arra 19.02.2021, 03:08:13

Thatdesigaaal, Just click the create post on your commercial account

Izabella Arra 19.02.2021, 03:00:18

How to write a blog in booklet? I tried clicking on the blog option but there is no widget there where you can start to write a blog but a note that you haven’t added anything on the library. Thanks

Dreamer Barbara 18.02.2021, 16:46:54

Hi, I'm interested in participating in the contest and I'm thinking a fantasy romcom kind of vibe but it needs to paranormal to fit the criteria. Is dark and serious paranormal the meaning of it or just unexplainable-by-science paranormal? I hope my point gets across. Thank you in advance!

Love Egbejale 09.10.2020, 22:19:30

What if you don't use a computer?what then?

The last comment in the thread:

Muskan prakash 08.02.2021, 03:22:15

Love Egbejale, Dear You can do it with chrome too...go on chrome and enter booknet url...once booknet page opens...scroll down till the end of the page... There's an option called'desktop Version' click on that....your photo will appear on the top right corner... click on that and click on blogs... now you can write..or edit...even can make public announcements

Elizabeth A 08.02.2021, 02:18:20

Thanks for the guide, I will try it out

Celeste I. 16.08.2019, 22:05:57

This is helpful advice, I've been here for half a month already, so I'm hoping to start fresh. I'm afraid of asking others to follow me, as I feel that would be needy and desperate, especially if it came from me, I'd prefer they do so on their own if they want to. Um, is that bad?

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Celeste I. 03.02.2021, 09:18:43

Neppi Sue, Hey, looks like we're on the same page (somewhat). But yeah, I know that feeling all too well and I agree. It is a good point all the same (Just hard to say it and when it bring it up without coming off as clingy and desperate. But as long as we don't overdo it or don't act overbearing, then hopefully it should be fine. I say this, because I think I've been told something similar to that as well.)

Thank you, by the way, you keep up the good work too, and enjoy your time here! Also, I know you didn't ask for it, but I followed you back (that's something I like to do whenever someone decides to follow me)~

RK WordSmith 18.12.2020, 13:40:27

Thanks a lot, I still don't see where to start my blogs on Booknet

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RK WordSmith 28.01.2021, 16:54:24

Emma Eunice (Strawberrytrifles), found the solution yet or still need help?

Наталия Арчер 17.01.2021, 04:37:14

Thank you for the really helpful tips!

Nikky wild 22.06.2020, 23:50:49

Please can someone teach how to post on the blog

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Emma Eunice (Strawberrytrifles) 14.01.2021, 20:24:26

Alex, This actually helped a great deal. I was wondering why it wasn't working on my phone.

Cora Sacha 07.12.2020, 12:45:06

Thank you very much for the tips.

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries) 30.05.2020, 10:09:39

Thank you. For my fellow writers that need to make book covers, you can make your own using That's what I use and it's really easy and at no cost.

C B Jefferson 30.04.2020, 10:51:19

Glad i found this. Thanks for this. Love who booknet inspires me to write more. Every like and comment is what inspire us to do better
Please guys I need criticism to improve

Deborah Sherwood 28.04.2020, 02:33:47

I you to be 20 stone and Iam now 12

Keira 27.04.2020, 12:10:11

The blog post has been updated with a few more tips.

Goodness Shadrach 14.01.2020, 04:02:08

Phew, glad I saw this although someone has already told me about the beautiful and attractive cover. I'm glad I saw the rest : ) and I must say that this is the best writing platform.

The last comment in the thread:

Keira 14.01.2020, 12:42:43

Goodness Shadrach, thank you!

The Gh Bae 12.01.2020, 06:14:55

Pls... Am new here and can't seem to use the editor to paste from word document into my inactives. Can you help me?

The last comment in the thread:

Keira 14.01.2020, 12:42:22

The Gh Bae, Could you write to our support and explain to them the issue in detail? Thanks!

Liqea Hill 10.10.2019, 22:59:08

Please promote my stories thanks ❤ liqeahill

HypGothic 08.10.2019, 10:55:44

haha, I am so irregular with my updates. I sometimes think my stories would do much better if I did work to a schedule but it's not about that for me at this stage. I think we have to be mindful that we can only do so much and in my case, I don't want to spread myself beyond my capacity. Even still, I am grateful that my stories are being read and I have made some great friends on litnet. Who needs popularity when you've got all that? ;)

Jeanette Roxanne Marcelle - Chef 06.10.2019, 18:10:20

This was really helpful. Thank you so much! I am new to the site and still trying to work my way through it.

K.R Webber 17.08.2019, 15:08:17

I am having a serious problem here. I updatd 21k characters in my book but still it doesnt apper in Updated. Why???

Bret Kohler 17.08.2019, 15:04:44

Great thing to know.

L.M.A 17.08.2019, 12:32:24

way more different on Wattpad, and this is why I switched platforms in publishing my stories

The last comment in the thread:

Ruechari guru 17.08.2019, 13:22:52

L.M.A, You're right this platform makes way more sense when it comes to writing.

Boakye D. Alpha 17.08.2019, 00:13:49

Thank you so much for these!
They are very helpful.

Mahnoor Khan 16.08.2019, 19:12:41

that nice

Marilyn Lucero 16.08.2019, 17:44:28

Thanks for the tips:-)

Randellion 23.04.2019, 14:05:56

can anyone write on litnet? how do I start?

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Randellion 23.04.2019, 17:01:03

Keira, ty

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