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Book. "12 Strange Stories of Strange People" read online

12 Strange Stories of Strange People

Michael Hill

Story about:short stories

Age restriction: 18+

113 613

#271 in Science fiction
#263 in Crime fiction

Complete 128 pages

Publication: 23.07.2019 — 23.07.2019

Description of book "12 Strange Stories of Strange People"

12 short stories:

Alien Hunt
Detective Katt
My Brother Alex
Somewhere There is a Monument
The Dark Light Years
The Evil Empire
The Golfer and the Leprechaun
The Old House
The Strange Case of Sherlock Holmes
Tis the Season to be Merry
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When Satan Comes Calling

I normally write child friendly stories but the first one in this series has torture and worse in it, when an alien is taken by the military.. I kept that scene very short but I felt it needed to be realistic as we can guess what they would do. The other 11 stories are OK for younger readers. There is science fiction, crime, a haunted house, a western, a Christmas story, a last man alive story, even a Sherlock Holmes story, what happens when a priest meets Satan as well as two stories about cats.


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Ginnie S Chua
08.01.2022, 18:08:44

Hi Michael,

I randomly picked the last story to read. Blasphemously interesting. It comes off as more philosophical and literary, so I'm wondering why this book is in the science fiction category.

Anyhow, I'll continue reading the other stories. Hopefully they will be enjoyable as this one.

Please give me a follow. I've followed you and have put your book in my library. Many thanks.


Miranda Maureen
24.12.2021, 06:26:49

halo author. i love this novel. i am an editor from fast growing platform. may i know how to reach you professionally?

Thalia Lightbringer
06.01.2021, 02:00:51

Imaginative, fun stories! I also did not notice any glaring mistakes, so good editing. :) One of the best I've read on this site so far, bravo!

Roza Csergo
24.07.2019, 01:08:01

Hi. I read the first story, Alien Hunt.
Without giving any spoilers I'd like to share my opinion.
I feel that the story could be and should be fleshed out a bit more.
There's just too much telling and not enough showing if that makes any sense.
Structure-wise it's spot on.
I added your story to my library and followed you.
Would you please consider following back?

Michael Hill
24.07.2019, 06:30:06

Roza Csergo, Thanks for the follow. I am new to the site and fairly new to writing.
I understand what you say about the story. I wrote and rewrote it within a day, and most of the other short stories within a similar time frame. If the book is generally liked, I may do another.
As you say, it could have been fleshed out. That sometimes happens with some short stories.
But they do not always work out. "The Cold Equations" worked great as a Twilight Zone short, then they made a movie out of it, and other than adding an hour to it, it added nothing else.
I hope you like the other stories too.

Michael Hill
23.07.2019, 22:19:58

I have six kindle books on Amazon, but sales takes time so like some other authors I have come across, I bought out a free book of short stories to give people some idea of my writing style. content, etc. A variety of stories here that can be quickly read, so try them out.

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