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Description of book "Ardent Desires"

Andrea Rose Davison is an aspiring high school student in St. Carmel and Cambrian. She is an Anglo Indian, poster girl for Nerds. Life has been difficult for her as an orphan,the only name she knew outside of school was Mr.Davison , her educational sponsor.
Adler Nikolaos Alexian , is bad names,The Alexians are Royalty.His name screams power and his presence indicates danger lurking around.God bless someone who pisses him ,for that would be the poor soul's last day on the planet.Devilishly handsome , perfectly Charming demeanor,he would seem the perfect gentleman , and is anything but.He has got his name on Forbes for four times on a row,Above all he is the Crown Prince of Greece. Lucien Blade Alexian is the better behaved charming and elegant brother.What happens when both men want her


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Kriya Kashyap
25.05.2021, 09:52:34

guys , I am taking down Ardent Desires from here. It will uploaded in Novel star app from on. Please check it out there. It's a billionaire romance and erotica with a lot of suspense. the first five chapters have already been uploaded. so do visit the website.

Kriya Kashyap
18.05.2021, 16:33:02

Sure , I will think about it.

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