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Book. "One night stand with my bully" read online

One night stand with my bully


Story about:love and romance, hatred romance misunderstandings

Age restriction: 18+

90 457

#107 in Suspense
#207 in New Adult & College

On Hold: 27 Aug 7 pages

Publication: 30.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "One night stand with my bully"

Marianna had a one night stand on her 18th birthday only to wake up the next day to find out that she had a one night stand with her drop dead hot bully, asher who was attending the same highschool with her.

Embarrassed and ashamed, she ran away only to come to school the next day and find out that the whole school already knew about this.

The students, especially the school's queen beau had ganged up to beat her but Asher had appeared on time and defended her in front of the students.

What!?, wasn't this her bully?
then why was he acting like this, different and so sweet.


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sadia sharif
09.08.2022, 23:10:16

update plz

Adebiran Omotayo
31.07.2022, 15:00:01

It lovely but i can't complete it

Debra Balloo John
05.08.2022, 23:31:19

Adebiran Omotayo, ?????

aishwarya krishna
05.08.2022, 13:23:49

pls update..

Zainab Mayun
01.08.2022, 19:23:04

This book is very interesting

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