Cherine Olivier



Shadow Love

Cherine Olivier

Everyone has good and evil inside of them but what if the good wasn’t your own? A prophecy, a curse and a stranger were all it took to throw her life upside down. Art school was all she ever dreamed of. With her application to a prestigious art school and the future of her career as an illustrat... more info

Story about: vampire curses, witches and magic, teenager with powers

Ongoing: 05 Jun 92 pages
471 63 5

Rating: 11

#24 in Fantasy
#6 in Dark fantasy
#2 in Urban fantasy


Hades Untold

Cherine Olivier

A myth, a legend, a story as old as time, what could possibly be told that hasn’t been heard once before? The ruler of hell, master of the underworld, sovereign to the dead, what more could there be to this being? What if Hades wasn’t the burly gruff male the myths tell of but a small feminine w... more info

Story about: greek mythology, myths, hades

Complete 23 pages
1209 46 23

Rating: 15

#391 in Fantasy
#58 in Action fantasy
#232 in Short stories

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