On Hold


Stories Told to Dead Flowers


Stories are not always narrated but can also be told in rhymes. Learn to look and see as words paint a past you never lived, a present you don't see and a future you cannot reach. Look behind the details and tell me what you see.... more info

Story about: poems, love can has many ways to meet, lost memories

On Hold: 08 Feb 5 pages
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Rating: 2

#372 in Contemporary fiction
#386 in Short stories


Up in the Starless Sky


If you had to choose, would you murder your heart to keep fighting life? “Up in the Starless Shy” is a story about three different characters with absolutely nothing in common who work together against the sky. Don’t get lost or you might not be coming back.... more info

Story about: death, heartbreak, fighting

On Hold: 01 Jul 7 pages
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Rating: 3

#2025 in Fantasy
#511 in Short stories

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