Cooper Autry



Short Story: 'denabog'

Cooper Autry

This is one of my earlier works. I'm posting it to see how well this site works. If you like it, leave a comment. That would be appreciated. Thanks.... more info

Story about: horror, short story

Complete 8 pages
1898 20 2

Rating: 1

#409 in Short stories
#968 in Fantasy
#207 in Dark fantasy

On Hold


Fighting Spirit

Cooper Autry

For thousands of years, khronosaun samurai have ruled the land. No graelock slave has ever sought a place among their ranks, but one is about to change the lives of many. When a young slave boy named Marko is sold to the legendary swordsman Grandmaster Aktua, a spiritual journey wrought with perilou... more info

Story about: eastern fantasy action adventure

On Hold: 13 Jun 199 pages
10400 3 12

Rating: 2

#965 in Fantasy
#106 in Epic fantasy
#119 in Action fantasy

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