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The Little Is Much

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The little is Much is an anthology of poems centred on mental health, a dose of kindness and infused with the need to believe in yourself. The poems are filled with heavy dosages of love, inspiration, peace and serenity. We want to let you know that you are loved, no matter who you are or what you ... more info

Story about: mental health, mental illness, mentaldisorders

Ongoing: 22 May 7 pages
216 6 0

Rating: 1

#30 in Others
#9 in Poetry


Winter Night's Yearnings— A Christmas Anthology

Earnest Writes Publishing

Easter has the wonder; new years have the spectacle, but only Christmas has the magic of... ‘Christmas wish.’ It's a simple phrase for a simple act. And yet, the weight it holds cannot be described, but can only be felt with the touch of a hand, a smile, or in the wonder in one's eyes. It ... more info

Story about: christianity, hope, winter

Complete 66 pages
2898 60 22

Rating: 7

#100 in Contemporary fiction
#149 in Young adult

On Hold


Over Seasoned

Earnest Writes Publishing

In “Over Seasoned” we wanted to shed light on love. A love that has walked a few extra steps and has shed its own self. Love that is morphed from its original shape. But who are we kidding? What's the 'original' shape of love anyway and what’s love at all if not a rose smelling faintly of blo... more info

Story about: love, obsession, love & tragedy

On Hold: 29 Feb 28 pages
874 14 12

Rating: 6

#87 in Contemporary fiction
#113 in Young adult


Verses of the Unknown [poetry Anthology]

Earnest Writes Publishing

You're about to delve into one of the most anticipated poetry anthologies ever, Verses of the Unknown. This is a collection of mind blowing poetry from talented poets across the world. United by a shared love for poetry, the poet authors of this anthology have put their best shots in this book.... more info

Story about: love, poetry, journey

On Hold: 30 Jan 11 pages
1951 17 48

Rating: 13

#32 in Others
#9 in Non-fiction


October Poetry Camp Anthology

Earnest Writes Publishing

A compilation of entries in our October 2019 poetry camp entries at https://poetrycamp.earnestwrites.com... more info

Story about: war, poetry and thoughts, freedom

On Hold: 23 Dec 4 pages
896 6 1

Rating: 3

#167 in Others

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