Rain's Bride


Celyn is the ordinary bride, ordinary girl. Well, not so ordinary. Throughout her life, rain has been a signal of something changing her life. Whether good or bad. And when it poured on her wedding day and swept her away from her fiance to three brothers who ruled the sky, she thought it was the wor... more info

Story about: a soft girl, fantasy gods, fantasy and paranormal romance

Ongoing: 26 May 12 pages
240 36

Rating: 9

#1643 in Romance
#112 in Paranormal Romance
#360 in Fantasy
#160 in Romantic fantasy


Half Faced Alpha


Alpha Axton, a ruthless Alpha of the dreaded pack of whispers, one that is widely feared by all, one that is never seen, only heard of, one that screams of blood thirst and war conquers a witch infested village on the other side of the moon, earning himself a curse from the Pack's head witch. He wil... more info

Story about: an alpha with a curse, a naive girl shielded from the world, a witch looking for vengeance

Ongoing: 30 Jun 85 pages
2021 77

Rating: 35

#45 in Fantasy
#26 in Romantic fantasy
#345 in Romance
#20 in Paranormal Romance

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