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Racer & the Ceo

Havanah Reverie

"Shh... Listen," He smirks and first there is no sound, but then his hand slide up my butt and squeeze it. I grasp and hold my breath for a second to hear the furious thumping against my rib cage. Shit. My heart. Heat rises up my neck till they spread to my cheeks completely as my chest rises up... more info

Story about: lovestory

Ongoing: 12 Jul 169 pages
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Rating: 108

#23 in Romance
#11 in Billionaires

On Hold


Love Encounter

Havanah Reverie

Meet Sia Melvin , a not-so-ordinary seventeen year introvert girl . She shifted to a new town forget her horrific past . She is planning to complete the senior year on high school without attracting any drama but what happens when she runs into the hot , arrogant , short-tempered jackass. She start... more info

Story about: mystery

On Hold: 19 Mar 48 pages
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Rating: 24

#216 in Romance
#38 in Romantic suspense
#24 in Thrillers & Suspense
#7 in Suspense

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