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Desire to be with you

Heena Kundra

After completing the course of chartered accountant, Ms Vincent decides to visit her aunt's house as only she raised her after her parents but there unwillingly she had to meet a billionaire in an interview and she finds herself lucky and blessed to see him. “His eyes...” she tells her cousin ... more info

Story about: vampire, billionaires, black magic

Ongoing: 21 Jan 5 pages
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Rating: 6

#282 in Romance
#7 in Paranormal Romance
#22 in Fantasy
#14 in Romantic fantasy


In Love with your Soul

Heena Kundra

To all my Readers, the motive of my story is to entertain you all. I really don't want to hurt any specific religion. It's all based on my imagination and I respect every religion and I hope you'll understand it. “My engagement has been fixed but I don't want to marry him” she speaks with te... more info

Story about: heartbreak and love with a soul

Complete 79 pages
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Rating: 10

#27 in Thrillers & Suspense
#3 in Crime fiction
#315 in Romance
#11 in Paranormal Romance


Because You Loved Me

Heena Kundra

The time you spend with your partner, that moment passes so fastly that we count one hour as one minute! Hehe,. But what if your partner did forgets everything about between both of you? You remember everything but your partner,...... It's like a situation where you stuck between smile and tears! ... more info

Story about: a love that everybody wants

Complete 36 pages
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Rating: 32

#407 in Romance
#85 in Contemporary Romance
#19 in Inspiration romance

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