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Irene Davison (Esperanza)


About me

An athlete by passion and a programmer by profession. Bitten by a travel bug, infected by an adventurous insect and poisoned by venomous sports enthusiast. I have my open ears to listen to your stories if you have one. 


I travel, meet people and listen to their stories to enrich me. 

A learner learning everyday to tell you a story. 

If you see someone without smile give yours because that's what we need now. Help or at least try to help if you see somebody in need. 

Enjoy my story. I bet you might find yours in my next one.

My Works are Available in Amazon Kindle.


Social Media: 

Instagram: Esperanza_Official_2020

Twitter: @AuthorEsperanza

Facebook: Irene Davison Esperanza

Registered: 01.10.2020, 13:38:05


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