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I'm Jake A. Strife, and currently the author of 22 books (Number 23 in progress).
My hobbies include Anime, Manga, Dungeons & Dragons, Video Games, and watching superhero movies/TVshows.



Most of my books here are first drafts. The story is intact, but you may find minor grammatical issues or typos. I write first drafts and post them for a couple reasons.

1: Many readers are always waiting for the next book in a series and I don't want them to wait forever.

2: I edit before I publish them. So if you buy one of my books on Amazon, then the books are in far better shape.

That said, I do eventually post the edited version here when I edit that book. So, you might see me updating already published books once in a while. 

Don't worry though, the stories don't really change. If anything substantial changes, like a character name, I post the disclaimer in the book description.

Also if you read one of my books on here, give it a like, (or reward), and leave some comments. If you buy one on amazon, I always appreciate 4 or 5 star ratings and leave a review!

---End Disclaimer--


My Books:

Series 01: Omega Virus (complete - Not all posted here yet)
-Book 1: Beta Hour
-Book 2: Gamma Hour
-Book 3: Delta Hour
-Book 4: Sigma Hour
-Book 5: Psi Hour
-Book 6: Omega Hour
-Book 7: Alpha Hour

Series 02: Dark Dayz
-Book 1: VR Evolved
-Book 2: Black Sands
-Book 3: Frozen Eve

-Book 4: Onyx Twilight (coming soon)

Series 03: Strange World
-Book 1: Dying Hope
-Book 2: Mega-Real
-Book 3: The World Coin (work in progress)

Series 04: Severed Chains
-Book 1: Fateless
-Book 2: Tribulation
-Book 3: Abyss
-Book 4: Dark Moon
-Book 5: Fractured Souls (coming soon)

Series 05: God Forge
-Book 1: Forge of the Mind
-Book 2: Forge of the Body
-Book 3: Forge of the Heart (coming soon)

Series 06: Crimson Wars
-Book 1: Blood Wars
-Book 2: Moon River (coming soon)

Stand Alone:
-My ZPoc Journal (on hold)
-Flash Fiction Collection (on hold)
-Journal of a Hero (on hold)

Fan Fictions:
-Earthbound: A Hero Chosen (book 1) --(on hold until the Switch gets it via the online services)
-Final Fantasy: Warriors of Light (book 1) --(on hold fort the moment)

If you're interested in owning a physical or digital copy of my published books, they can be found on the Amazon store.

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Omega Virus: Beta Hour (book 1)]
Omega Virus: Gamma Hour (book 2)
Dark Dayz: VR Dawn (book 1)
Strange World: Grimoire (book 1)



Second disclaimer:

Remember to vote when you read a book. :) And if you pick up one of my books on Amazon, give it a nice rating and leave a review. Reviews are vital! Seriously, 2000% vital.

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