On Hold


Everything happens for a reason


Stephanie Harris, Extremely independent,very intelligent, confident in the work department but not in the romance department. In secondary school Steph found it hard to get romantically involved with someone, while all her friends were focused on getting boyfriends and having sex, Steph was focused ... more info

Story about: romance, firstlove

On Hold: 21 Jun 6 pages
330 89 1

Rating: 4

#1802 in Romance
#161 in New Adult & College


I'm yours & Your mine


Aria Banks is a normal girl to everyone around school but secretly she's a criminal in disguise. When one Carter Payne invites Aria into his gang where they can commit crimes together and fall in love. On the surface they are in a group of friends who have no clue about there criminal life all they ... more info

Story about: firstlove, singing, gangs

On Hold: 17 Aug 2 pages
1014 44 5

Rating: 5

#2355 in Romance
#335 in Thrillers & Suspense
#75 in Crime fiction

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