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Hey guy, I love to read books and write them. But could you just have a little patience about the updates? Thanks


On Hold


Why is that so bad?

Jessi Fever

Hayden is a 18 year old freshmen in college. All her life her parents had made sure she never had a boyfriend. She got told that she will will get a broken heart and every time she had a boy over her dad kicked them out. Her mum was even worse. At school her mum would ring the principal and tell her... more info

Story about: badboy, love, beauty

On Hold: 12 Apr 3 pages
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Rating: 3

#2571 in Romance
#257 in New Adult & College
#478 in Young adult


My Family Sucks!

Jessi Fever

This book is about a girl named Valentina she has a younger sister (Harley) and brother (Dallas) which are twins. All her life she has been put into foster care. She doesn't leave her family ever it is a 3 package deal. They always got to poor places nowhere where they actually feel at home until on... more info

Story about: family, fosters, adoption

On Hold: 13 Apr 7 pages
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#393 in Mystery
#403 in Short stories

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