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Hi I'm Kat. I love bringing my characters to life and sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy.



Lesson Learned

Kat Thomas

Noelle found herself in The worst possible position while in graduate school with one year left. To finish school and graduate after her family cut all ties with her she had to take a teachers assistant job from the rumored worst professor to work for. What happens between them changes them both.... more info

Story about: teacher and teacher assinant, romance, unplanned pregnancy

Ongoing: 09 Jun 75 pages
2237 122 1

Rating: 6

#283 in Romance


Online Love

Kat Thomas

She is a Professional contractor for the Army. She realized with the help of some friends she was ready to find love, in the mean time she was an unwilling part in a plot to kill her friends and herself. Will she survive? will she find love online after all?... more info

Story about: online dating, finding romance, thriller romance

Ongoing: 07 Jul 147 pages
3230 195 16

Rating: 26

#350 in Romance
#5 in Action & Adventures
#2 in Military



Kat Thomas

She found herself in a new place with no friends and only a few co-workers. When she let her guard down she finds herself in the middle of a major plot and only her new friend can see the whole picture. Faking a relationship may be her only way forward in her journey of safety. However what was supp... more info

Story about: thriller romance, finding romance, finding oneself

Complete 110 pages
4425 345 8

Rating: 14

#244 in Romance
#42 in Romantic suspense
#21 in Thrillers & Suspense
#9 in Suspense


Bones in the box

Kat Thomas

She had every chance in life at her fingertips she finds that working in a museum was what she wanted to do. When her uncle helps her get the exhibit she wanted to work on she gets the gift of a lifetime, A mysterious extra box of bones. These bones show give her more than she even knew and she has... more info

Story about: after life, paranormal romance, love and romance

Complete 87 pages
967 89 0

Rating: 6

#353 in Romance
#13 in Paranormal Romance
#55 in Fantasy


A Dangerous Interaction

Kat Thomas

A mother's worst fear happens the first time in years she went out. Her oldest daughter goes missing at the local mall. As the police are notified so are her co-workers. Everyone is there to help find the missing girl and help the small woman who would never ask for help even on her worst day. In th... more info

Story about: suspence, kidnapping, thriller romance

Complete 158 pages
2603 197 0

Rating: 15

#38 in Thrillers & Suspense
#15 in Crime fiction
#356 in Romance

On Hold


A Perfect Murder

Kat Thomas

Kit was in a relationship with Matthew an artist who seemingly disappeared and never reappeared. though his absences before he would come back and pretend everything was normal this time he didn't. She was now suspect number one in his missing persons possibly homicide case. Mitsuhide Akechi was the... more info

Story about: murder mystery, detective, romance desires

On Hold: 30 May 78 pages
1083 141 3

Rating: 4

#37 in Thrillers & Suspense
#14 in Crime fiction
#352 in Romance


The Village

Kat Thomas

An exclusive housing community asked a young doctor Sara Walker to join their ranks. At first she believes it is too good to be true. However she can find nothing wrong with the complex when she goes. One by one she makes friends with the people on the street only to have something big happen.... more info

Story about: mystery romance, romance and friendship, love

On Hold: 30 May 81 pages
611 46 0

Rating: 4

#399 in Romance
#64 in Romantic suspense


Into the Darkness

Kat Thomas

The doctor finds herself trapped in a nightmare. She had been dealing with this for years now. It was finally taking the toll on her and everyone around her either noticed but couldn't do anything about it or they wanted nothing to do with her. She had the target on her after all. Until he helped he... more info

Story about: murder, serial killers, romance drama

On Hold: 22 May 59 pages
387 77 0

Rating: 5

#672 in Romance
#110 in Romantic suspense
#114 in Thrillers & Suspense
#49 in Suspense

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