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Hello everyone. Thank you for visiting my profile. Till now, I have mostly published Supernatural and Action & Adventure books here. I am on process of writing a sci-fi novel. And I have also started publishing a long running fantasy novel 'Saer Servitude'.




K.R Webber

Nevarez has come for discussing a kidnapping with his fellow hitman – El Viking. But they don’t know they are going to be target of abduction. El Viking had been waiting for this day for his entire life but the sudden kidnapping has pushed his plans out of reach. Matter hasn’t gone out of El V... more info

Story about: murder, cartel, gangster

Complete 142 pages
1106 74

Rating: 11

#517 in Thrillers & Suspense
#84 in Action thriller
#131 in Crime fiction


The Nasty Consequence

K.R Webber

There are no such things as minor secrets…. Detective Nathan Camshron is about to learn it hard way when an Embassy member of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ul Haq, gets murdered in 4th July behind the curtain of canceled conference in White House. This catapults Nathan Camshron into sequences of deadly... more info

Story about: conspiracy, murder, detectives

Complete 132 pages
2438 127

Rating: 9

#595 in Thrillers & Suspense
#100 in Action thriller
#628 in Mystery


Zombie's Pov

K.R Webber

Zombies are fighting for the survival of their race while the world is dominated by the living beings. Who are the victims? Zombies think they are victims but humans think otherwise. Roderick finds the same dilemma troubling. But he can't choose a side because he is already in one. For whom would ... more info

Story about: zombies, military scifi, roderick

Complete 17 pages
1558 30

Rating: 13

#115 in Action & Adventures
#738 in Young adult
#64 in Dystopia


Path to Crown

K.R Webber

Queen fears what might happen to her children when she dies. Little does she know that someone is plotting for her murder. A witch and power hungry people want her dead at any cost. And she can't do anything about it. Neither can the King. The conspiracy has very big consequence. From dethroning a... more info

Story about: hate, greed, brothers

Complete 24 pages
1385 27

Rating: 11

#1840 in Fantasy
#434 in Short stories


Revival Factory

K.R Webber

A butcher's son gets lost in a mysterious way without any hint. Only one person knows whereabout of the child. But the one who knows it won't speak. Is his son dead or alive? The person won't tell but will instead let the poor butcher linger in grief. Till a new grief arrives. It comes in night... more info

Story about: horror, ghost, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
2308 62

Rating: 7

#1853 in Fantasy
#704 in Mystery
#385 in Supernaturals


Small World Problem

K.R Webber

What if Jack ate the beans given by the gypsy and now has to find a way to defeat a giant? Imagine if King Midas was a wicked dictator and was bed ridden in starvation because of his golden touch. Ever wondered what his last wish will be if he can't do anything other than turning things into gold? ... more info

Story about: mythology, fairytale, remorse

Complete 22 pages
2080 43

Rating: 12

#1884 in Fantasy
#459 in Short stories


Cover - Up Order

K.R Webber

Benjamin Hansen has returned from his work and is confused about what he should be cooking for his murderer. He can't wait to get killed but he can't keep one thing out of his mind....FEAR... more info

Story about: supernatural, depression, murder mystery

Complete 45 pages
2181 82

Rating: 8

#739 in Mystery
#396 in Supernaturals
#679 in Thrillers & Suspense
#162 in Crime fiction


The Prophecy

K.R Webber

About a man who can see future through dreams. A group offers to interpret his vague dreams. And the trouble begins... Cover Illustration by: Shreejan Rijal... more info

Story about: mystery supernatural, innocence, future

Complete 20 pages
3254 104

Rating: 14

#745 in Mystery
#398 in Supernaturals
#690 in Thrillers & Suspense
#265 in Suspense


Eureka Feminine

K.R Webber

Tacoma is being affected by the presence of Satans. And in such condition, a druggie named Allan O'Connel finds himself in the problem where an international force called Aitountes is attempting to murder him. Supernatural forces make him believe that he is more than a junkie.... more info

Story about: conspiracy, ghosts, religion

Complete 62 pages
4321 87

Rating: 15

#694 in Thrillers & Suspense
#166 in Crime fiction
#752 in Mystery
#402 in Supernaturals

On Hold


The Nymphs of Mosaic

K.R Webber

Abandoned by his family, Rick Tarot is alone in his house with suicidal thoughts until he begins to realize God has been communicating with him. With the God near to him, Satan too isn't much further from him.... more info

Story about: human, paranormal pain hate, depression and anxiety

On Hold: 14 Jan 4 pages
43 2

Rating: 2

#361 in Mystery
#201 in Supernaturals
#99 in Horror


Saer Servitude

K.R Webber

Saer, a hired killer is, up to a very unusual task – protecting a family. Never in his life has Saer used his assassin skills to save someone's head. But this time he has to use it for that if he wants to save his and everyone's lives. Worst part, family is reluctant to the idea of letting anyon... more info

Story about: sacrifice, monsters, sorcery and battles

On Hold: 18 Jul 169 pages
3555 12

Rating: 8

#1785 in Fantasy
#114 in Action & Adventures


In New Dimensions Everyday

K.R Webber

This is the beginning of Roderick's adventures in every dimensions possible like Intergalactic, Western, Fairy Tale like, Gothic, Cosmic horror and many more absurd alike. THE CATCH: If he sleeps, he dies. And if he wants to survive, the world around him has tasks for him. And he can make rain when... more info

Story about: humor, betrayals, wizards

On Hold: 27 Nov 28 pages
2240 14

Rating: 6

#481 in Short stories
#122 in Action & Adventures

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