So-Called Suicides


It's been three years since Hannah's mom's death, Carolina's dad's arrest and basically everything. The whole gang's at WCU college now. They kinda decided life was partying, studying, football and sneaking into places sometimes. And they were right, untill a common frenemy died. The police report s... more info

Story about: death, thriller, suspence

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Rating: 12

#547 in Mystery
#511 in Thrillers & Suspense
#130 in Crime fiction


So-Called Accidents


Hannah Griffin was the only one insane enough to believe her family was not lost in random accidents. Or was she holding on to anything instead of giving in to pain? Obviously no one believes her. Hell, she doesn't believe herself. But she's willing to try anything if it means the deaths would hurt ... more info

Story about: death, thriller, suspense

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Rating: 17

#551 in Thrillers & Suspense
#142 in Crime fiction
#87 in Action & Adventures


Overthinking things


Cami was a rich kid who liked to never listen to her dad. She knew she needed to break out of the chains that she was put in for being the top businessman's daughter. The only thing she didn't know was how much of trouble she could get in because of her writer's imagination when she decided to ditch... more info

Story about: humor, short story, inner thoughts

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Rating: 27

#257 in Short stories
#480 in Others
#137 in Humor



Do Flares Fall?


For 251 years the Flares have been ruling Evercrest. With the most sacred powers of controlling Flames, no one ever dared to oppose them. But where there is a ruler, there is the one hungry for power. The Unscathed can think about only one group who would dare attack the Flares. The ones who hav... more info

Story about: powers, dystopian, warrior queen

Sample 6 pages
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Rating: 5

#30 in Science fiction
#6 in Post-apocalyptic
#652 in Fantasy

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