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Hi my name is Manar and i am a 21 years old nurse living and working in Sweden. I write and draw in my free time. Here I will share my stories that is also available on Wattpad. Please write me a comment or drop me a like as it means a lot.



The Way It Goes


Jay: They started doing CPR on him while I was in a corner not knowing what to do. Soon the old man died and the other girls had to drag Ayla away from him and telling her over and over that it was over before she gave up. They took his small body and put it beside the other dead bodies on the beac... more info

Story about: love, campus, lost island

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Rating: 36

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#158 in Contemporary Romance

On Hold


Fall fell upon this land


Will fill it as i write. As of now i am unsure where this story id going.... more info

Story about: adventure, joy

On Hold: 15 Oct 4 pages
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#1396 in Fantasy


Lost In The Haze


I will get back to my family and lead a normal life I tell myself as i look at his lifeless body in my arms. -"Joe! Wake up! Let's go home! Joe..." My tears falling endlessly and my surroundings getting more and more blurry. The man with a gun to my head does not matter anymore, neither does the... more info

Story about: romance, adventure, suspense

On Hold: 26 Jan 55 pages
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Rating: 3

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